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Premium Pre-thinned airbrush colors



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Tamiya Primer Problems.

Tamiya Primer no longer works with Scalefinishes paint products. I'm not sure of the change, but primer made in the last few months now seems to have a compatibility issue with both my basecoats and my gloss enamels.

Because of this change, I am no longer going to be able to recommend any primer other than SUPERprimer for use with scalefinishes products. SUPERprimer still works with tamiya paints however.

To ease the transition to strictly SUPERprimer, we are offering a free bottle of it for the month of July.

Until July 31st you can get a bottle or SUPERprimer in any of the three colors we offer for free with any paid order.


SUPERprimer Gray


SUPERprimer Red


SUPERprimer White


IPMS Nationals.

July 20-23rd is the IPMS nationals show in Omaha Nebraska. We will be a vendor this year, and will be happy to bring any specific colors you might need. Please let me know what colors you would like us to bring by July 14th. Any colors brought to the show will be priced at show prices, and no shipping!

Color Of The Month!

Every month we will highlight a new color. Subscribe to the newsletter to get extra detailed information about the colors.

The July COTM is House Of Kolors PBC48 Cinnamon

House Of Kolors PBC48 Cinnamon

Bottles and droppers.

2oz. Empty clear PET Bottle, with Lid, stir BB, and 2 blank labels. $.99ea
5pcs 6" long eye droppers, good for paint use. $2.99

Bottles and droppers


International Shipping.

Scalefinishes can ship internationally. If you live outside the US, please feel free to send in an order. After receiving the order I will be contacting you for the extra charge it costs me to ship internationally.

I know the second postage charge is weird, but it saves the customer a lot of money over just posting a flat add on charge for International shipping.

If you have any questions, please email me at