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I have recently found a new product line that I think will help scratchbuilders, and superdetailers.

Direct from Russia! Bolts, Nuts, and Rivets as small as .4mm
The pre-sale price of $4.99 is good until the end of October.

All orders for these items will process November 1st.

MC435100 sample -rivets, bolts, nuts

MC435100 sample -rivets, bolts, nuts $4.99

spherical rivet $4.99

flat spherical rivet $4.99

flat rivet $4.99

hexagon standard bolt head
-0.4mm 200 pcs.

MC435031 detail

MC435031 close up

hexagon standard bolt head $4.99

hexagon flat bolt head $4.99

hex nut $4.99

bolt head on a washer $4.99

nut on a washer $4.99

Slotted Hex Nuts $4.99

Slotted Hex Nuts on a washer $4.99


The Moving Sale! was a huge sucess, and I have decided to extend it until I get rid of all the premixed colors I still have in stock.
$25 gets a box of 8 colors! All colors are limited to colors listed on the sale page.
Keep checking the sale page, I still have a lot of colors that need to be listed.


Micro Brushes

Micro Brush


Gloss Urethane Clear Coat
Enough for two car bodies, but VERY limited shelf life, and only one use per bottle.

1oz. Set $8.99

The Snail Mail Sale is permanent.

Anyone who sends in an order, on a Printable Order Form, to the address below will get 25% off the order.
- Please make checks or money orders payable to Jameston Kroon

P.O. Box 26182
Salt Lake City, UT 84126

If you would like to see your, Scalefinishes painted, model featured on my website.

- Email me at for more info.


Elm city hobbies sells scalefinishes paints, and ships to customers world wide! Contact the store for further information.

Application guide.
Builder's Gallery.
About us.
Store Policies
Printable Order Form (html)
Email me.

P.O. Box 26182
Salt Lake City, UT 82126

-Follow me on Instagram #scalefinishes, @scalefinishes

-All colors are Pre-thinned and ready to airbrush.
-If you are looking for a color that's not listed, have a question, or want a custom color mixed.
Email me at never charges for shipping. That's right FREE SHIPPING! Every order, every time.
-Because of differences in monitor displays and photo lighting. The pictures of colors are for reference only!
-Use in a well ventilated area, Keep away from heat, sparks, and open flame. Harmful vapors.
-A respirator must be worn.
-Always test for compatibility before use.

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