• NEWS!!!

    Starting March 1st I will be charging $5.99 for shipping (Still free on orders over $50). I have help with orders now, and I either pay for the help or fall behind.

    A word on the new website!
    -Part of the new site is offering colors in basecoats and gloss enamels, this was done to accommodate my customers preferences of one product line over the other. I recently found out that someone online has posted that you need to buy both, and the clearcoat to make my paints work, THAT IS INNCORRECT!
    -When using a basecoat, all you need is a clearcoat to top that, not the gloss enamel. The gloss enamel goes right over the primer, and doesn't need a clearcoat over it (but, you can use one if you want).

    The Snail Mail Sale is changing.

    Starting on October 23rd, I will no longer be offering the 20% discount for mail in orders. All mail in orders will be priced at $9.99 for 2oz. Basecoats, and $10.49 for 2oz. Gloss Enamels. NO 1oz. orders of body colors will be processed!
    Engine, and detail colors will still be available in 1oz. sizes.

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    It is being sent out the first week of every month, and is full of upcomming product info, modeling tips, paint information, and news!
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    Elm city hobbies sells scalefinishes paints, and ships to customers world wide! Contact the store for further information.

    P.O. Box 26182
    Salt Lake City, UT 82126

    -Follow me on Instagram #scalefinishes, @scalefinishes

    -All colors are Pre-thinned and ready to airbrush.
    -If you are looking for a color that's not listed, have a question, or want a custom color mixed.
    Email me at scalefinishes@gmail.com.
    -Because of differences in monitor displays and photo lighting. The pictures of colors are for reference only!
    -Use in a well ventilated area, Keep away from heat, sparks, and open flame. Harmful vapors.
    -A respirator must be worn.
    -Always test for compatibility before use.

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