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Scalefinishes is offering awards for model show entries!

This program is designed to help modelers get more out of their show experiences, while fostering interest in both attending and competing in model shows.

If you win at a recognised model show, you will win the following from

3rd Place- Free shipping discount.
2nd place- $10 Gift voucher.
1st place- $25 gift voucher.
Best of- $50 gift voucher.

Show rules.

To start
1- print off the table placard and fill it out, explaining what Scalefinishes products you used. (decals and other detail items purchased from Scalefinishes are okay to list)
2-put the placard on the show table with the model. (It DOES NOT need to be highly visible, or front and center, just there somewhere).
3- After the show, email me some pics with the winning model, Scalefinishes placard, prize ribbon or plaque from the show.
4- when all this is done, I will send you the prize for where you placed in the show.

To claim a prize.
you must send pictures of your model (to showing the the winning model, Scalefinishes placard, and prize ribbon or plaque from the show. You will also need to include the name, date, and location of the show you won at, as well as a desription of the scalefinishes products you used on the model.

Anyone who wins will be eligible for a spot (no more than 4 pictures) in the scalefinishes Hall Of Fame gallery!